Tuesday, November 2, 2010


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


The day will be fullfilled as I finished writing this piece. For today is the day after my 23rd birthday, taking my reward of 1-day vacation after being exhausted in yesterday’s celebration with family, friends and close relatives.

As I watch and feel the day pass by, I can't resist thinking of things that have gone in my 22 years of living. Once again, I recollected the rays of memories that flashed my entire life. There are rays worth-seeing but some are not.

And today, I realised at least three learnings.


Have you ever dare try to ask yourself when will you be going to die? or somehow think of how will you be going to die?

The answer is difficult to decipher. No one could ever tell. That’s why it’s better to let the question kept hanging and convince yourself instead that today is your last day and you will do something worth-seeing in His eyes before He will take your borrowed life.


Here goes the cliche : “It’s better to give than to receive.”. Right, in any aspect of our lives we view that giving is something being valued. The deed will be more meaningful if we will never expect something in return.

They also say that life is tough and we have to bear for the results in any decisions that we have done whether we fail to recognize if it’s right or wrong. Some outcomes may be painful but the beautiful part here is we can have the chance to stand up and prove to ourselves that we can survive. Lesson learned? Never expect. Less expectations. Less disappointments.


Since the day I’ve heard this sermon of one of the priest in Quiapo Church, the thought has been engraved in my heart and mind conciously. His sermon was about prayers classifying that we have prayers where we ask for forgiveness, for wishes/wants/needs, and for thanksgiving.

Among the three kinds of prayers, I was moved on how the priest explained the power of prayer asking for thanks. He said that it is our RENEWED LIFE everyday that should be first to thanked for.

Since then every morning as I woke up, the first thing that I ask is the prayer of thanks. Being grateful that He has given me again another life to continue together with His plans. In that way I strongly believe, I will be able to put Him on top.

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