Sunday, November 21, 2010


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


I began chirping with sound melodies at sunrise

Drifting with dreams coming into life

Saw all cheering people but especially one

Granting smiles to everybody but rewarding a kiss just for one

Keeping the ties close as time flies by

Ever-after fairytales happening only just once

Tell me...where should I limit my boundaries

To create a longtitude between pain and happiness

Here comes the repetition of dark clouds

Hanging up in the skyline, shaking up my ground

Why did the destiny gave me the chances to prove

Ended up empty-handed, but nothing to lose

Nights are blistering with sheds of tears

Shattering moments are flashing in each scene

So why did it happened, this one I ask

A backfire of realisation just hit me bullseye

Another chapter had just begun

Thinking all past dues were just all for fun

I leap and reap the harvest of truth

The stronger I became, the bigger I gain

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