Saturday, December 31, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares

For some, new year is a season of new beginnings. They say that this is the perfect time to start with fresh ideas, to embark on new experiences and to embrace surprising opportunities.

We agree on this statement with profound understanding. All of us wants to begin the year with a new look, with a clearer picture compared to the previous year that had gone in our long-life existence. But aside from this, I believe that it's equally important for us to take a glimpse on what had happened in the past year and appreciate the memories filled with life lessons that molded us on what individual we are now. Let's carry the good deeds we've done and continue to share this to everyone. Let's eliminate the mistakes that we had and learn the lesson out of it. Through this, we will be able to catch all the good vibes in the coming year!

The new year may speak in different languages: Feliz ano nuevo in Spanish, Buon anno in Italian and Manigong Bagong Taon in our native tongue, but for some, new year means change. That's why we have this seasonal new year's resolution in which everyone has in store. They could even prepare a long list on what are the things they will change, improve and avoid in the coming year. This resembles our eagerness to make a difference out from our old self, as one famous line describes it: "Out with the old, in with the new!".

Tonight, as we bid farewell to year 2011, let's also remember the One who written our story for the past year. The One who continue to write unconditional stories for us. The One who will give us again another chapter that is full of hope and love. He is none other than...our God Almighty!

Let's welcome the Year 2012 with the definition of HIM! Happy New Year to all of us!