Sunday, October 17, 2010


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


There are certain things and places I really miss doing and visiting. Looking forward that I’ll be meeting them again.

READING BOOKS – I remember then when I was a student that I have a lot of time to read books which tackles everything under the sun. Mystery and suspense were my favorites. And it was R.L. Stines’ Goosebumps commenced my love for reading, well, it actually gave me the spinechills everytime I read his works (but that was the time when I was just a kid eh!). Then it was followed by Marilyn Kaye, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Gianna Maniego, Mitch Albom, and among others.

DRAWING/PAINTING – It was when I was in high school grade where I developed my art skills. Poster making contests, theme drawing contests, you name it! I always make it to a point to join all of these competitions. Good thing I usually came home not empty-handed =) . I’m not after with the prize or trophy anyway, as long as I'm enjoyed and satisfied with my works then I’d be happy. Recognition is just a bonus, passion is worth aiming for.

COMICS WRITING – My first manga/comics was when I’m in high school too. I remember that my critics were my classmates, and they usually acknowledged the strengths and the weaknesses of the stories I made. Oh boy, I almost spent a lot of notebooks just to put up comic series!

NOVEL WRITING – If there’s a Twilight Saga today, there was also a “Immortal Saga” yesterday. Yup, I started to write this stuff when I was in college but it’s not actually a saga, it’s like a sort of “The Twilight Zone” series. Concepts of the supernatural, futuristic events and fantasy were all in store.

TERESA STREET – away from the busy classroom works and activities, my favorite spot after the whole day classes is at Teresa St. in Sta. Mesa Manila which stretches few feets away from the PUP facade. All types of foodtrip is here that you surely don’t wanna miss! One cannot resist from the hot and spicy soups, freshly cooked quaill eggs, hotdogs, meatballs, “gulaman”, fishballs, squidballs...good luck for having a Hepatitis! Hahaha!

TIMEZONE – when my college buddies were available after classes, we usually hang-out to malls and try to relax by touching down our feet at Timezone! Dance Revo, Dance Mania, Time Crisis, Resident Evil, you name it! All of them were timezoners’ favorites!

NATIONAL BOOKSTORE CUBAO BRANCH – a book lover always finds time to read. Whenever I’m hungry of reading, all I gonna do is to visit the National Bookstore Cubao branch and go straight ahead at the 3rd floor where book reading is allowed. I usually browse and read books from all walks of life, peeking at iconic pictures, appreciating leaves of knowledge from each book that I held. I can even spend the whole day reading books at that place.

These things...already missed.

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