Saturday, January 26, 2013


 By Jeffrey R. Ballares

                    Year 2013 is a year of change for me.

                    Yes, I believe that we need to change as time goes by. A change that will benefit not only ourselves, but the people around us as well.

                And to start the year right, one of my resolutions is that I resolve to be more positive in viewing life. By saying this, I've come right away with choosing an expression that will describe an encouraging attitude towards events that will happen in my entire life.

                     GOOD VIBES.

                 These are the words that first came into my mind. Very affirmative isn't it? It is something that conditions yourself to have a progressive jump start!  Whenever I hear these words, I feel so relaxed as if I am surrounded by cherubim blowing me with infectious happiness.

                And to strengthen my desire for a more optimistic lifestyle, I do the following things as much as possible:
1.)    Greet friends with encouraging text messages and anchoring the expression “good vibes”.
2.)    Download self-help e-books that touches positive subjects.
3.)    Use the power of visualization by sticking a “good vibes” banner in work station.
4.)    Avoid complaining with unpleasant situations.
5.)    Think of happy moments whenever mind is polluted with negative thoughts.

         I’m still struggling to perfect the bucket list, though I’m making significant progressions.  I hope that it will help me more in finding ways to enjoy life to the fullest. Life’s too short, so why waste in sensitivities?

         Good vibes always!!!!

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