Sunday, February 5, 2012

Will It Ever Snow in the Philippines?

By Jeffrey R. Ballares (View)

Today as I woke up and visit my Facebook homepage, I was suddenly engrossed with the pictures posted by my friend who lives now in Japan for years. The pictures which caught my attention, are scenic views of the city blanketed by snowflakes taken outside her window.

And from that moment in time, I found myself jealous asking why our country has no winter season. And suddenly, a million dollar question popped into my mind...will it ever snow in the Philippines? My mind hanged for awhile.

I admit, I also want to experience touch it and feel it through my palms. You know that icy feeling while you're throwing snowballs to someone, or when you're toppling snowballs to make a snowman?

Ugh! I guess it's too much of a wishing! Just like the fable of the fox and the grapes (where the fox said that the grapes are sour when he wasn't able to get it), I just said to myself that snow surely has its own negativities. Sure enough, after browsing articles, forums, and facts on the net, I was able to put up below common comments of "snowpeople" and why Filipinos are fortunate of not having a winter season:

1.) Roads are covered with snow, slush and salt. Snow plowers are needed to shovel the area covered with snow so people can safely use the road. -----> Too much effort huh!

2.) There will be a need for a carwash, if you want your car to save from rust (as salt accelerates rust in any exposed metal) ---> ouch! That's an extra cost out from your pocket!

3.) Winter strikes crops. ----> knowing that Philippines depends widely in agriculture, our government will surely hate to snow right?

4.) Jacket is not enough. ------> so Filipinos will be obliged to buy additional wintercoats...hey, how about our marginalized brothers and sisters who are less fortunate to buy these garments?

5.) Work becomes idle. ----> and when work becomes idle, gossiping around fireplace took place!

Oh well, good thing I read the fable of the Fox and the Grapes!

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