Saturday, June 11, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares

(Movie Review)

It was then when my colleagues were starting to talk about this Thailand sleeper-hit movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love. At first, I was a bit curious as to what is the story plot, but soon interest settled in my burning curiosity when I read the positive reviews of the teen flick.

Yup, a so high school teen flick and hell yeah...a feel-good movie! It gave me the nostalgic feeling of falling in love the high school way (aaawww, that’s embarassing)!

The rom-com (romantic-comedy) movie stars one of the hottest stars in Thailand today BaiFern Pimchanok and Mario Maurer whose loveteam chemistry was well-acknowledged by moviegoers! The concept of the flick falls on a high school love story of a bug-faced teenage girl (BaiFern Pimchanok) whose secretly inlove with an older “crush-ng-bayan” stud (Mario Maurer). The movie is not just about romance as it also teaches everyone on how to reach your goals no matter how impediments try to intrude you.

A story of teenage love, dreams, friendship and transformation. The movie depicts vibrant hues of scenes that makes us laugh and be a total tearjerker! And lo, a mystifying twist will turn your mind in the end!

Some have watched it twice, thrice and even more than that! Well, I could not blame ‘em by doing so. It just started to swept away Asian countries by storm!