Monday, November 7, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


If someone will ask me what’s my most wonderful song of praise ever written under the Catholic Church, I will choose Anima Christi. Everytime I sing this song during the sacred mass, I just can’t help but to feel the holyness of the song. I am moved by every bit of its lines, appreciating the sanctity of its meaning.

And the lines that really catches my inner being are : “From all the evil that surrounds me, defend me. And when the call of death arrives, bid me come to thee.”. The lines reminds me that it’s HIM is the only saviour of all human beings and it’s us, His sons and daughters are His prime importance that He’s willing to sacrifice all the things after us. Let me also take this opportunity to share the below song of praise:

Soul of Christ
Sanctify me
Body of Christ save me
Water from the side of Christ
Wash me
Passion of Christ
Give me strength

Hear me Jesus
Hide me in thy wounds
That I may never leave thy side
From all the evil that surrounds me
Defend me

And when the call of death arrives
Bid me come to thee
That I may praise thee
With thy saints forever

On this day, the Feast of Sacrifice or Eid’l Adha is being celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sisters. The feast commemorates the sacrifice of Abraham in his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a sheep – to sacrifice instead.

To our Muslim brothers and sisters, we share our deepest regards with the Feast of Sacrifice. We believe that it’s not the religion that differentiates us, but it’s our Faith to our God that binds us all.

Happy Eid’l Adha!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


We are bound to create our own destiny as a person, from the time we are brought to existence until this moment we spend our life breathing. But amidst all the experiences that life brought to us, have we ever asked ourselves if we already spent a life worth meaningful in the eyes of God?

The answer may be indefinitely a yes or a no. But believing that we are doing our best to become worthy in His eyes..I believe it’s enough.

As I look at the pitcher remotely laid on top of the table, I noticed that it is already half full of water. The half of it I suppose, was already drank by some members of the family. It’s the water that has been consumed by someone, is the thing that makes the pitcher worthy.

Just like us, we are like pitchers that has been proven by time. We are pitchers that carries values, talents, and wisdom that are being shared with others in the form of blessings. And through this, we are able to create a life that is meaningful. As we continue living under His grace, the pitcher will never get emptied, for others will also be sharing their waters on us.

And the cycle goes on.