Saturday, November 27, 2010


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


It is the sunset my favorite part of the day.

It signs that the whole day is almost done, greeting the coming of darkness. But for me, sunset symbolizes different meanings in life.

As the sun rises and sets from East to West signifies that no matter how successful or mature we become, it’s important to remember and look back to where we came from.

The changing of color from sparkling white to warm orange as the sun descends underneath the skies encourages transformation and change which we all need to cope up with unending challenges in everyday life.

Moreover, the temporary disappearance of the sun in the sky also tell us to leave our worries behind for awhile and take some useful rest to regain energies we need in the next coming day.

Lastly, when the skies turned into extreme darkness gives us the feeling that there will be another day coming tomorrow...and that teaches us to have HOPE.