Thursday, April 21, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


Being a true blood Filipino, appreciating everything associated in Korea is not a question of patriotism to me. I’m always proud and love being a Filipino, but once I heard a thing about Korea, one thing always comes to my mind that is...DEBT OF GRATITUDE.

It just started when I enter college.

I was taking a college scholarship examination in PUP Manila that time when I heard from the proctor that if I’ll gonna pass the exam, my sponsors will be Koreans. Actually, I wasn’t expecting that there were Korean sponsors in the university for I think only establishments from the government sectors are the sponsors of the school. Surprising indeed!

The moment of truth came, from batch of examinees only five successful persons were called. I was very thankful that I’m one of them! Few hours later, we’re in front of five Koreans who were all donned in black coat, delivering us the magical words that they will support us in our educational needs for the entire four-year course! Great!

The rest is history, Koreans done a wonderful part in our lives by supporting us not only in financial matters but also influencing us in improving our personality. They taught us on proper behavior, discipline, and love to family and neighbors. I admire their sensibility and passion at work, hoping that I can master their attitude at the right time. In return, whenever we have our annual meetings, we are showing them our achievements in school which they truly appreciate too. The twinkle in their eyes whenever they see our achievements in various competitions until the time they see us graduating with flying was priceless!

That’s why Koreans has special part in my life, I’m always thankful to them.

Sarang heyo Koreans! Kamsa hamnida!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


T’was all fixated in my mind

Let the time fly, my eyes will be blind

“Tick...Tock...Tick..Tock”, hand of clock will say

I beg your pardon, and lemme stay this way

Looking back at times

Holding off the grimes

The choice of seeing your departure

Should I have to treat with all grandeur?

I was dominated by unreasonable silence

Hoping you’ll understand and foresee some patience

For once you’re the protagonist of my play

“Tick...Tock...Tick..Tock”, hand of clock will say