Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jeffrey R. Ballares
The day is all set for the last day. It is where the final curtain will be brought down ending our secondary education. That is the very day that I was waiting for. At last, after the long wait, I just triumphed another chapter of my educational journey.
The great mood is really setting in everyone’s faces, seeing the positive vibes surrounding the place. In just a few minutes, the commencement exercise will be taken and I believe that every graduates are all excited about the happening.
I look up to the sky telling to myself that the sunset is already setting in. It was windy and our graduation dresses are swaying in the gentle touch of the winds. It’s as if we are all being blessed with the soft breeze of fortunes and luck in the coming of another chapter on our lives...the college life.
That was exciting, I thought. Another chapter. Another life. Change.
All of us were asked to fall in line outside the venue signaling that the event will be beginning soon. I was situated as the last person in the line together with my parents which are so proud at that very moment. I was very proud of them too, for they nourished me with the right kind of love and support. It’s because of them that’s why I strived to finish my studies. I held their hand and told if they are ready, and they both nodded at me with a generous smile.
But as we are walking to the venue where we will be sitting, I saw two children looking after the garbage bags at the side of the street. They are collecting junks in every trashbags thinking that it might be useful for them to earn money. I know, they could earn out of these a very little amount of money.
I’m saddened seeing the scenario. I looked at my parents and they also glances at me. I know that they also saw the two children. Inasmuch as I want to do anything with the two, I didn’t have the chance to do so since the line is now moving into the venue.
I just progressed with a heavy heart together with my parents escorting me.
At the end of the day I thought, maybe it’s just one instrument saying that we should be thankful with the blessings we are having right now. Enough for complaining and comparing. As the cliche goes, count your blessings and be contented.
It was an eye-opener really. And I wish that, someday we could help with the less fortunate like them in any way we can.