Monday, October 11, 2010


By Jeffrey R. Ballares


Whirling chaos of paranoia succumbed my inner soul

It’s like a goosh traversing in the midnight sea

Was it endless? Was it painless?

Yes, cannot escape its encrypted hellos

Switching the time the counterclockwise twice

For I will shift the mysteries of my intruder-self

Quickly tasting breathing air...hastily walk!

Come to me my mind and shall we come!

From the land of fortuitous events

A cradle of sorrow belies all lies

Fancy murmurs, awakening you frantically

Let me jump, and hop and defy the odds

Even the mighty thunders of gambling universe

Can howl in the midst of unconcious dusks

Forgive or forsake? Hands are for me to use

At the end of a corner, triumphant my call!

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